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How To: Beat New Orleans Heat

April 17 2015 | Latest News

Right about when it’s time for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is when the New Orleans heat begins to really set in. It’s just a fact of life here in the spring and summer, one that we’ve learned to live with, and even don't mind that much. However much the locals are used to the rising temperatures – it can definitely throw visitors for a loop. Don’t despair – we have tried and true coping methods for enduring the heat in New Orleans. Follow these tips and you’ll feel as cool as you are in New Orleans.

Go-Cup – One of the best ways to stay cool and also one of the very attractive qualities unique to New Orleans is the ever-popular go-cup. Being a town that values its drinking culture, we have no open container laws in the French Quarter. And although that’s only technically the case in the French Quarter, it’s rarely enforced in other neighborhoods. So, on a hot day walking around New Orleans, ask for your on the rocks or frozen cocktail orleans hotel pool

Swim – Another fun way to beat the heat in New Orleans is to go swimming! Most, if not all, of our New Orleans hotel partners have pools, so take advantage of this amenity and go for a quick, refreshing dip when you’re feeling overheated.

Plan indoor activities – An easy solution to New Orleans heat – stay inside! There’s so many fun indoor activities to choose from in New Orleans close to your hotel. Our favorites include museums, dining and other forms of entertainment. For museums, we love the National World War II Museum and Mardi Gras World. Restaurants and bars are in abundance, and you really can’t go wrong for dining options. Other indoor attractions we love are the Audubon Aquarium, Insectarium,  and Zoo; and the sheltered, shaded French Market.

Dress – Pack your clothes according to the weather and time of year you’re visiting New Orleans. If it’s in the spring or summer, make sure to have plenty of t-shirts, shorts, comfortable dresses and skirts, sandals and other comfortable walking shoes. Be sure to pack a rain jacket as spontaneous summer showers are a regular occurrence. Don’t forget a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun! 

Despite the high temps, the summer in New Orleans really is a great time to visit! We look forward to seeing you and escorting you to and from the airport. Reserve your one-way or round-trip airport shuttle ticket online

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