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Packing Tips for Travelling Light and Smart

September 9 2014 | Latest News

Have you still not got the hang of packing best practices? Do you find yourself trying with all your might to squeeze your suitcase shut when embarking on a trip and then not ever using half of its contents? If so, it’s time to turn things around. Follow these easy packing tips for convenient and easy travel. You’ll be amazed at what a difference packing lighter and smarter will make.

Travel Packing Tips

Start early – Set yourself a reminder a week out from your next trip to start the packing process. No, it doesn’t take a whole week to pack, but if you start collecting some of the items you know for sure you want to bring, it will cut down both mental and physical time when the time comes to bring out the suitcase.packing cubes

Packing cubes – These clever packing tools have proved revolutionary in organizing and compacting luggage as well as creating more space in your suitcase. Packing cubes are typically flexible mesh material that expands. They can be purchased online or at home improvement stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and the Container Store.

Baggies – Use plastic baggies for separating, consolidating and organizing packing items. Baggies are great for keeping together travel sized toiletries, medicine and hair accessories. They are especially useful when liquids have to be checked at airport security.

Wear layers on flight – To stay comfortable, warm, and make room in your carry on, wear a jacket or sweater over your clothes on flights. It’s better to have an extra layer of clothing on than have to dig around in your carry on in the boarding process.

Choose wisely – Carefully consider what you choose to bring on your trip and what you leave at home. Do you REALLY need more than three pair of shoes or two evening wear outfits? It depends on the occasion, but probably not for a short trip. Think about what your daily activities will be and pick out practical clothes for each day, some of which can be worn multiple times, like shoes or clothes that can be washed.

Shoe Pack – This is a clever packing hack that accomplishes two benefits. Pack small, soft fabric items like socks and underwear inside your shoes. This will decrease the space that is taken up in your bag or suitcase while also holding the shape of your shoes.

Now that you know some ways to pack smarter, it's time to think about your transportation on your next trip! Coming to New Orleans? Be sure to book your convenient one-way or round-trip airport shuttle to get to and from the airport and your hotel.

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