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Seven Tips for Holiday Travel

October 16 2014 | Latest News

The process of getting to and from the airport, dealing with crowds and getting through security can be a headache during the holidays. Heed these words of advice for the smoothest holiday travel experience possible. If you're spending the holidays in New Orleans, let Airport Shuttle make it even easier for you by handling the driving! Reserve your one-way or round-trip shuttle today!

Holiday Travel Tips

Book now – If you haven’t booked your holiday travel already, now is the time to do it! The earlier you book, not only will there be more flight availability, but lower prices as they will dramatically increase closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Allow more time at airport – This is the busiest travel time of the year, which means airports will be crowded and security checks will take longer than usual. Plan to be at the airport two hours ahead of your flight time.

holiday travel

Travel light – Just getting to the airport requires a lot of hauling around your luggage, and then walking to your gate and through security once you’re inside is a lot to be carrying around heavy suitcases. If you’re checking your bag, make sure to have easily maneuverable baggage, and if you’re carrying on, stick to just the essentials.

Keep essentials in carry-on – You never know if there may be delays or lost luggage during the hectic holiday season, so if there are things you can’t be without for too long, like medication, a change of clothes, toothbrush, cosmetics, etc., pack those in your carry-on bag.

Ship, check or don’t wrap gifts – The easiest way to avoid complications with traveling with gifts is to just not do it and ship them instead. If that’s not an option, either check your wrapped gifts or pack them in your carry on unwrapped, as they will be inspected at the security checkpoint.

Travel on off-peak days – The days right before or after Thanksgiving and Christmas are the biggest travel days of the year. Avoid high ticket prices and stressful travel experiences by leaving early or on the holiday itself.

Travel early or late in the day – The busiest flights are between typical business hours, so for a more efficient travel experience and better on-time flight likelihood, book an early morning or nighttime flight. 

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