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Customer Testimonials

"Mr. Duvernay, On Wednesday, October 21, 2015 I took the airport shuttle from the airport to the my hotel downtown. I had the privilege of having Trey as my shuttle driver. What a friendly, informative driver! The entire group enjoyed his "tour guide" experience. He answered questions, provided information on local venues and activities, and was so kind and considerate. He's a gem! In a world where everyone seems to only contact managers with complaints, I felt it was important to let you know how special Trey is and how much his passengers enjoy their shuttle trip. Best regards"

"airport shuttle service both trips to and from airport were terrific ... clean buses, friendly staff, efficient and on time!"
-James Harrington

"Thank you for an efficient, timely, friendly roundtrip service to and from my hotel during my recent New Orleans visit. Couldn't have asked for better! Wish I remember the drivers' names, but they were great. Truly represented your company well and made an initial good impression on a first-time visitor to your city. Will strongly recommend your company to my family and friends. Thank you!"
-Dan Pere

"We had excellent and courteous Service from Treston and Troy on October 5th to MSY."

"I was only in town two days - New Orleans - – 9/30 and 10/1  mostly locked up in a hotel in a meeting.  Believe it or not I only did two things outside the hotel, and enjoyed both.  Ate and drank in the French Quarter – cannot remember the name of the restaurant – although it was great. The other thing is my Shuttle ride from the airport to the Roosevelt Hotel.  The driver was GREAT – he was upbeat and shared his enthusiasm for his city.  He enjoyed the people in the shuttle and they enjoyed his sharing his city with them (I was one of them).  I DO remember his name – Derek. Hey we all gotta get through our day but it always surprises me when someone I do not know, and have no expectation that they will brighten my day, DOES add some sunshine to my day. He is a great representative for your company.  (as well as NOLA in general!) He made my stay just a little bit better, and that is nice.  Takes a special person to want to do that."
--B Fancher

"Quick and friendly service. A little late on pick up but I was at airport within the hour. You get a discount if you book the round trip at the same time. Very convenient and very affordable."

"My driver Tracy was such an amazing ambassador for the city. It was my 1st trip to New Orleans but it won't be my last thanks to your driver he was helpful and informative. Give him a key to the city!!!"
-Karla Dunbar

"Airport Shuttle New Orleans presents a warm welcome and a friendly farewell to this beautiful city. My first driver, Joe, was so welcoming and enthusiastic about sharing his insider tips on places to eat and sights to see. A true ambassador for NOLA - he represented the special spirit of the city admirably. I felt like I'd made a friend by the time I arrived at my hotel. On my return trip to the airport - sad to be leaving - I told the driver, Robert, that I had some leftovers that I would like to find someone who could use it. He said he knew just who he could give it to - a homeless woman he regularly passed on his route and frequently gives a piece of fruit or a bottle of water. He showed that New Orleans isn't only a friendly city, but a caring and compassionate place as well.
Thank you, Airport Shuttle, Joe and Robert for starting and ending my trip so nicely. "
-- Julie, New York

"Excellent service on my recent trip to New Orleans. Jun 24, 28 2012. Online reservation service is a plus - timely pickup and dropoff - takes the hassle out this part of my travel day."
-- E. Mickle

"Charles was very impressive.  He obviously has a love for his hometown.  During our ride from the airport, he pointed out the points of interest, gave us a brief overview of the city, Explained how New Orleans was coping with the changes since Katrina, and gave us a thorough breakdown of entertainment and hospitality in the French Quarter.
Our group was so impressed with his enthusiasm and friendly manner, that it was noted in several of our FAM reports upon our return.  Charles is truly an asset the tourism industry of New Orleans and is to be commended for his hospitality and shared knowledge."
-- Debra Van Winkle, Pleasant Holidays, LLC

"Dear Sir or Madam: I wanted to tell you about my shuttle experience yesterday. I was traveling with my elderly mother to a convention in New Orleans, we rode your shuttle into the city with a gentleman named Elvis. He was professional and our experience was fine. When we left the city we rode with your driver named Tracy Boudreux. WOW! This man is a keeper, he was so kind to my mother and was the epitome of professionalism. I told him he should be working for the New Orleans Tourism Bureau and I'll be honest, I offered him an instant job should he ever relocate to Miami. People who have a work ethic like Tracy are rare, it was important to him that each and every rider on board had a positive experience while in New Orleans, down to their shuttle ride. Please keep this in his employement file and let him know Ms. Madena is forever in his debt for the most unforgettable shuttle ride I've had to date. I wish Airport Shuttle would allow people to request drivers! Thank you."
-- Gloria Garcis Madena

"I have visited New Orleans many times and used your shuttle service many times and never have I had such a pleasant experience. Tracy was the most professional driver I've ever ridden with."
-- C. Markham

"I wanted to extend a big THANK YOU for your wonderful shuttle service during my recent trip to New Orleans. I found the shuttle to be reliably prompt and I thoroughly enjoyed our driver to and from the airport, Trey, who was very informative and entertaining. Thanks for making my transportation experience such a good one."
-- Angela O'Kane from Gardner, KS

"I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting New Orleans and I must say that your driver did a great job bringing me from the airport. He was very informative about the great city of New Orleans."
-- Andrew Moran from Liverpool, England

"I rode with driver Tracy Boudraux and his service was amazing! He was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and an excellent driver. I will do business with you again because of how unbelievable this guy was during a very busy time."
-- Charles Vernon

"Though we had a simply wonderful time in New Orleans and at all the events, having your driver Andre take us to the airport Sunday morning was just the icing on the cake. Andre represented everything we've grown to expect when it comes to southern hospitality. He was affable and informative and noted points of interest with a little background info on the route to the airport."
-- Beverly Dunn and Family

"I have been traveling to New Orleans for the last 2 years and have ridden the New Orleans Airport Shuttle on both trips. The shuttle drivers have lots of pride in their city, and they are outstanding ambassadors to visitors. The shuttle driver kept all of us on the bus informed and entertained. He pointed out all sorts of sights and landmarks along the way which made the trip very enjoyable and passed the time.
I was also very impressed by how clean the buses were and also how well dressed all of your employees are. They all look and act like the true professionals they are! I will definitely ride with you again next year."
-- Jim McGowan from Merrimack, NH

"After exiting at the airport and getting in line to check in, I realized I left a shopping bag with souveniers on the shuttle. I ran out to try to catch the shuttle, but the driver had already pulled away. A couple of minutes later, there at the hotel counter was the driver, returning with bag in hand to me. The items in it didn't have great monetary value, but it did contain a special stuffed penguin I picked out especially for my son at the aquarium. I was already on the verge of tears because I left it behind. It was very kind and generous of him to go the extra mile. Many thanks."
-- Kristi Smalley

"Our guest wanted us to know how professional his driver had been, and he thanked us for the safe trip into town. Thanks Anthony for making us all look good."
-- New Orleans hotelier

"...a very kind and heroic driver...
As we were leaving the city centre, an older gentleman on the bus realized that he had left his carry-on at his hotel. The young driver made a quick and courageous decision. He pulled over, turned on the four way flashers and ran IN THE TEEMING RAIN back to the gentleman's hotel. The driver deserves a commendation. He set a great example for your company as well as for New Orleans!"
-- Joanne Brand from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

"I just wanted to compliment driver Charles Jones on his professionalism and his tour guiding as we took the route into the city. It is not the norm to have such a nice and outgoing driver and I appreciated the extra effort he put forth to give us a guide of the city as well as a guide to the Katrina events. He was non-biased and very informative. I wish more drivers were as talkative and made you feel as welcome as Charles did that day."
-- Casey Young from Sacramento, CA

The driver Kenny was the most enjoyable person & driver we have ever met. For us to return from a weekend in New Orleans and have the shuttle driver be one of our best memories should say a lot for him. It was wonderful to meet someone with that personality working with the public the way he does."
--Jeff & Shannon Miller from Lebanon, TN

"My driver was exceptional on both trips."
-- Derek Sayas

I visited New Orleans for a conference the first week of February.  It was a new city that I was most excited to explore.  When I was leaving I took your shuttle service back to the airport.  Much to my delight I met Elvis.  Elvis asked me about all of the things I had enjoyed about New Orleans.  We talked about some of the things the "locals" say about this city.  He made the experience very personal and invited me back to New Orleans anytime.  He joked to not come alone next time but to bring my whole family.  When I thanked him for the ride I asked his name, he said I would never forget it and that it was Elvis.  He was right, I won't forget his name, not because it was Elvis but because he was so so kind.  
-- Kimmy from Orlando, FL

Airport Shuttle Instruction Sheet


What is an Airport Shuttle?
We are an on-demand shared ride vehicle service. We use large vehicles with lots of storage. We understand the stress of air travel and our reliability and advance reservations reduce that pressure.

Where can I purchase ticket once I arrive at airport?
If purchasing your ticket(s) at the Airport, proceed to the baggage claim area on the ground level (see map). After you have retrieved your luggage, proceed to one of the Airport Shuttle ticket desks, located across from baggage claim areas 1, 5, 9, 11 and 12.  More details

What will the Airport Shuttle vehicle look like?
Our vehicles are white with yellow lettering that says "Airport Shuttle" on its side. An excellent marker on the side of every vehicle is our phone number, 522-3500. If you do not see 522-3500 on the side of the vehicle, it is not us!

How long will I have to wait for the Airport Shuttle after purchasing ticket?
Service is available on a continuous basis with vehilces departing approximately every 30 minutes from 9:00 AM through 10:00 PM.  Having an advance reservation will ensure your timely departure to or from the Airport.

What happens if my arrival flight is delayed or canceled?
If your flight is delayed you will still have a reservation on the next departing shuttle.  Service from New Orleans International Airport is available on a continuous basis with vehicles departing approximately every 30 minutes. Please present your web ticket to an Airport Shuttle Loading Dock Representative after you have retrieved your baggage.

How do I arrange for the Airport Shuttle to pick me up from my hotel/destination?
For Departure Reservations, please call 504-522-3500 no later than 24 hours prior to your flight.  Domestic flights require passengers to arrive 2 hours prior to flight departure; international flights require passengers to arrive 3 hours prior to flight departure.  Please inform the Reservationist if you have an international flight so we may schedule an earlier pick-up time.

How many pieces of luggage per person can the Airport Shuttle accommodate?
Our luggage policy is three (3) average-sized pieces per person as per airline specifications.  Oversized or additional luggage is subject to an additional fee. (Please note: Our vehicles cannot handle equipment or large items.)

Can the Airport Shuttle accommodate wheelchairs?
Yes, handicapped-accessible vehicles are available; however, we recommend reserving one of our Wheelchair-Accessible vehicles. If wheelchair-accessible service is needed after you arrive, please call our reservations department at 866-596-2699 for assistance.

Does the Airport Shuttle have car seats for children?
Airport Shuttle does not provide child car or booster seats. Although not required, travelers can bring their own child car seats or booster seats for use.

What areas of New Orleans do you service?
We serve locations in the French Quarter, Downtown area, Central Business District (CBD), Warehouse District (near the Convention Center) and Uptown New Orleans. Click here for your location.

Can I return to the airport with your service?
Yes, we will pick you up at any location we serve. Click here for your location.

What are your hours of operation?
We are open from 05:55 AM to 10:00 PM, 365 days a year.

When do I make a reservation? 
As soon as you have your flight info.

How do I make a reservation?
When you have your flight info, just call us at 866-596-2699 or visit our Reservations page.

What if I do not use my tickets?
Shuttle Tickets are non-refundable. Airport Shuttle is not responsible for lost or unused tickets. Ticket expires one year from purchase or first date of service, whichever is later.

Can you offer even lower fares to large groups?
Yes. Check out our Conventions and Groups page for more information.  

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Can you help me reserve transportation at other airports around the world?
We are a member of the GO Airport Shuttle network -- the world's largest network for rides to & from airports. When planning your trip, just visit for all of your rides in and out of airports.

Do you provide travel services outside of transportation to and from the airport?
Yes and No.  Airport Shuttle is only permitted to provide transportation to or from the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport; however, if you require other forms of transportation or travel services, we can refer you to one of our sister companies.

When will my ticket expire?
Ticket expires one year from purchase or first date of service, whichever is later.

Airport Shuttle